STRATELOGIC is a management and strategy designing system developed by Svyatoslav Biryulin after conducting dozens of strategic workshops and projects in more than seven years. It is based on Svyatoslav's own managerial experience in different countries and his experiments as a consultant.

STRATELOGIC is a unique system connecting people outside your company – your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders – with people inside your company, your employees. It links customers' needs to your inner processes and even financial accounting. STRATELOGIC follows the principles of democratization and desacralization of strategic knowledge.

  1. Strategy isn't rocket science. It isn't a science but an approach.
  2. Business success can't be studied by the scientific method.
  3. Strategy isn't an analytical but a creative tool.
  4. Democratization and desacralization of strategic knowledge. Strategy – map it out yourself.
  5. Strategy isn't a way to gain market success. It is a way to satisfy customer needs and, by that, to make a business successful.
  6. Profit isn't a company's long-term goal. It is an effect of good work on customer satisfaction.
  7. Shareholders' interests shouldn't have the highest priority. They are one of the five groups of stakeholders.
  8. Business strategy shouldn't be expensive.
  9. Strategy should not be the privilege of consultants and scientists.
  10. Strategy is about people – customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, society

Svyatoslav Biryulin

Svyatoslav Biryulin used to be a CEO for some large enterprises. In 2015 he launched his own project in strategic and business consulting. Since then, he has helped many companies from different countries to expand their businesses and develop new breakthrough strategies. Svyatoslav is the creator of PBS. He's also a blogger and an author of several business books you can find on Amazon.

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