Strategic thinking - free online course
Strategic thinking
These days strategic thinking has become a crucially important skill for every team member. But we know from our 25+ year experience that even top executives often lack strategic thinking. In today's world a manager or entrepreneur doesn't have a luxury of focusing on day-to-day activities only. A product the company sells, a business model it uses, or even a vision itself need continuous re-evaluating or even re-inventing. And this requires excellent strategic thinking skills.

But strategic thinking is not a gift, it is a skill that can be attained. And if you feel that your team members may need to improve this skill, our totally free online course Strategic Thinking might be of some help.

Take a test and send it to your colleagues to evaluate your and your team's strategic thinking level. If they get 12 points or less, it makes sense to invest 30 minutes in improving their visionary thinking.

Free online course
Find the free course by a strategic thinker, the author of the blogs and books on strategy, Svyatoslav Biryulin at the link. Spend 30 minutes to the course and a some hours for the homework and you will be able to improve your strategic thinking skills significantly.

To think strategically is easier than it seems. One needs to learn to connect the dots, and this course will be of great help. Start thinking like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk and improve your entrepreneurial skills!

Download a very important supplementary file with homework. Do the homework with your team members. Become a strategic thinker!

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